In 1977 Jammie Mohan expanded his interests in self-defence to include shooting sports; particularly handgun shooting; and regularly visited indoor ranges in Durban and Pinetown. Outdoor Shooting ranges became more associated with the terms and rules of IPSC participation which was in its infancy, and Mr Mohan honed his skills and became an active participant at DVC shooting club then situated in Cato Manor.

Jammie began introducing friends and associates with similar interests, to the sport of Practical Shooting and with hard work of setting up stages, carrying target stands and barricades, patching targets, clearing ranges after matches, the team learnt the art of running a safe and slick operation under the Natal Practical Shooting Association now known as KZNPSA

Being of a minority, the learning curve was steep due to guidance and assistance only coming from a few open minded individuals. Individuals became more Competitive learning from Books and each other.

With passion, pride and endurance Jammie Mohan knew what was required and formed Broadway Shooting Club in 1979 with other new participants in the sport. Using the Facilities at Cato Manor became restricted as a few different clubs had been sharing use of the Range, He sort after and found an ideal piece of land along the Umgeni river in an area known as Mamba Valley between Reservoir hills and Parlock, and carved out three shooting areas, a 50 meters Standards range; a 35 meter Assault range (Medium Course) and a 20 meter Speed Range (Short Course) including a Trap and Skeet Shooting area.

In 1980 the Broadway Shooting Range was ready for use.

The Club became affiliated with the Provincial and National Bodies and members effectively competed at provincial and national matches. Winning awards at provincial levels became the norm as members could now practice at their convenience, mastering the sport and honing their skills.

Many club members achieved Natal Colors and represented our province at the National events held 3 times a year in places like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Welkom, Cape Town etc.

Jammie had a vision to introduce and expose more people to the safe and ethical use of firearms through the sport of Practical Shooting and thereby also produce competitive shooters up to a nationally competitive level.

In 1983 Jammie became an official Range Officer under the South African Range Officer’s institute and in 1985, accomplished Senior Range Officer Status. Broadway shooting club members then also established themselves as executive committee members of KZNPSA including many becoming Range Officers.

There were only 3 Female participants in Broadway Shooting Club and jammies wife, Roana Mohan effectively participated at National level having been the first person to attain an outright win in the then Springbok Trials in 1985, consisting of 5 stages, by winning 5 Gold Medals. In years to follow wives and daughters of members also became keen participants and Shereen Boomgard qualified as a Springbok Shooter at the S.A. Champs in Open Division.

The club began including other codes of shooting sport and Trap and Skeet was a regular event at the monthly leagues. The Rifle sport off .22 Silhouette shooting introduced the youth to firearm safety and under supervision many of these individuals went to become safe and competitive shooters.

Broadway Shooting club also began hosting the Kwa Zulu Natal Practical Shooting Association Leagues which were shared with other shooting clubs ranges.

The clubs annual shooting calender consists of 10 monthly leagues, a Club Championship and the Man versus Man. These 12 events held annually since inception have produced some of the finest competitors in our Country; with individuals taking to training on their own time at our shooting range in Parlock.

The clubs year end presentations also became a bigger social event to include the families and friends of members. Eventually becoming an annual 3 day affair hosted at the Wild Coast Sun in Transkei.

With superb chairmanship and dedicated members the club is recognized and respected nationally and the shooting range is developed over recent years to include 4 more shooting areas.